(Sept 24th to October 23rd)

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Libra! About Your Sign...

About Libra

People born on September 22 to October 22 are ruled by the planet Venus, which is associated with emotional behavior, partnerships and relationships, art and culture, beauty, morality, charm and possession. Librans are known to be people who value balance, justice and passion above all else. Libra individuals are naturally passionate about all forms of art and always seeks balance in all aspects of their daily lives. Men and women under the sign of Libra are peace-loving people, and like partaking in serene and peaceful activities. However, this does not mean that they're all about the peace and quiet- Librans are fun-loving people too, and like to shake things up every now and then. Librans are very sociable and diplomatic, and highly value their social relationships.

Relationship With Family and Friends

Librans rarely enjoy being alone. They value their quiet time alone, but they would much rather prefer being around people who are important to them. Partnerships and relationships with family, friends, and colleagues are very important to Libra individuals, and they would prefer being with these people and nurturing these relationships on any given day rather than being alone. This bodes well for Librans because people love being around them as well, because of their fun-loving, helpful and sociable nature. Librans make for excellent friends because they are always willing to give a helping hand. Libra individuals are not known to take sides in confrontational situations between people who are close to them. Instead, Librans are the ones who usually take on the role of mediator and problem-solver whenever friends and family get into arguments. Because of their natural inclination to seek balance and harmony, they can be counted on to see both sides of an argument and help to resolve disputes and disagreements.

As mentioned, Libra individuals love spending time with people who are close to them. They will not hesitate to initiate get-togethers and gatherings when they feel like spending time with family and close friends. People are naturally drawn to Librans' fun-loving and sociable nature. Even though you will find and meet some Librans who consider themselves as loners because of their love for peace and quiet, these are still people who are loved by a lot of the people around them including friends and family. The only downside to Libran friends is that they can be indecisive at times and are often late to parties and gatherings because of their busy social schedules. However, even though they're often late, they are always pumped and ready to go once they are on the scene.

Money, Career, and Professional Life

Balance, harmony, and justice are very important for Libra individuals. They have a natural affinity to try and maintain these things in their everyday lives as well as of the people around them. It is not uncommon to find Libra individuals working in the fields of law, governance, creative arts. Their ability to see both sides of an argument make them excellent diplomats, and their desire to uphold peace and justice make them good civil servants and lawyers. Another reason why Libra individuals make for good lawyers is their persuasiveness, sociability and gift for talking. Male Libras are even known to like arguing and debating, but all within a friendly context.

Librans are also artistic and creative, which make them successful in careers in the music and fashion industry, interior design, marketing, advertising and performing arts. Even though their personality makes them fit to lead, Libra individuals have no problem at all working in groups and teams. Their willingness to cooperate and lead (or be led), and sense of diplomacy make it easy for Librans to fit in and adjust to just about any setting. Libra individuals usually have no problem handling and managing their finances because they are able to maintain a good balance between shopping or spending money and saving. Be wary when going shopping with Librans, though, as these folks tend to be indecisive about their purchases. You can expect to spend hours and hours when shopping with a Libran because they carefully weigh their purchases, and thus, take longer to decide whether to buy something or not. An interesting tidbit about Libra individuals: they are naturally drawn to stores that sell clothes and housewares. Librans like to shop, but not wrecklessly and impulsively. They find joy in shopping for gifts for friends, family, and those close to them. Libra individuals will appreciate any gift given to them that relates to art, music, or relaxation. Keep this in mind the next time you have to shop for a Libra friend celebrating his or her birthday.

Interesting Facts about Librans

Being ruled by the planet Venus, Librans are highly appreciative of anything concerning art, beauty, and culture. Among the many Libra individuals who are known in the performing arts are Brigitte Bardot, John Lennon, and Julie Andrews. John Lennon is a good example of the typical Libran- his love for all forms of art and beauty can be seen in his musical contributions, literary works and drawings. Mahatma Gandhi is also a prime example of how Librans are generally peace-loving people who loathes violence, and seeks to achieve justice, harmony and balance in life. Other famous Librans include Julie Andrews, Brigitte Bardot, Mickey Rooney and Groucho Marx.

Librans are fun-loving, but this doesn't necessarily mean that they like loud, boisterous activities. In fact, most Libra individuals abhor loudmouths and being in places and settings that are too noisy. Librans also dislike violence, injustice, or anything that harmfully disrupts balance and harmony whether spatially/physically or figuratively. In terms of health, Librans are believed to be especially susceptible to conditions and diseases affecting the adrenal glands, kidneys, appendix, and the back. Blue is the lucky color for Libra individuals, sapphire is their lucky gemstone, and 1, 2, and 7 are their lucky numbers. Their opposite sign is Aries, which could explain why Librans are easily attracted to them. Romantic relationships between Aries inviduals and Librans may be fiery and passionate, but they rarely last.

Personality Traits of Libras

It's not hard to figure out Libra's personality and although they come out as fickle and materialistic for people who don't know them, they can be the most understanding and accommodating people you come across with.

On the good side, those born under the 7th sun sign can one of the most sociable, romantic and charming individuals that you come across with. They love being around people; talking, laughing and partying with them. In relationships they can be the most romantic and affectionate partners. They are never scared of showing how they feel about you whether in private or public. They are very playful so there's never a dull moment with them. If you like adventure and spontaneity, you will love being with a Libra as they also like being on their feet. This doesn't mean they don't enjoy indoor activities. Some DVD's on a rainy day while snuggling on the couch can be the most romantic thing for them. Physically, Libras are normally good looking or at least on the presentable side so you need to be the same if you want to get their attention. They try to look their best at all times since they are ruled by the planet Venus which represents beauty and love. That being said, they expect the same from their partners so make sure you always check yourself on the mirror before leaving the house. Another great thing about Librans is that they try to be level headed at all times. They are the type to get in between two arguing friends and they will want to settle things in a diplomatic way. These people have a way with words and they mostly know the right thing to say.

On the negative, a Libra can be vain to the point of being shallow but if you know people ruled by the planet that represents beauty then you know that this is expected at times. They want to be the center of attention too and go a great deal to be that. You might want to choose the words you use when you talk to them especially if you want to comment about their appearance. They don't take criticisms lightly and you might harm their ego if you let something slip. Their ruling planet Venus also tend to be extravagant in more ways than one. They can be materialistic and may expect their partners to shower them with presents. They would also pamper themselves with expensive purchases. Shopping can be a female Libra's favorite past time whereas male Librans tend to be gamblers cause they don't mind spending. Librans are advised to be careful with spending at all times (that or get a rich sugar daddy :P). A Libra can be lazy around the house but it's because the hate dirty work or manual labor. Librans are desk jocks and although they get great ideas they need someone to push them to work in it.

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Libra Compatbility

Libra - Aries Compatibility:

Although these signs are directly opposite the zodiac wheel, there's a strong and instant attraction between a Libra and Aries owing to their elements which are air (Libra) and fire (Aries). Air fuels fire so these two has a chance of sharing a passionate relationship, but not necessarily the long term type. Aries has the ability to boost a the indecisive Libra's personality, ideas and growth. They may get confused as to who will take the lead (because someone does whether we admit it or no); both signs are ruled by cardinal elements. In the long run though, Aries will take over and the diplomatic Libra will just have to compromise if he/she wants it to work out. There is much physical attraction between these two zodiacs which is common in sun signs on the opposite side of the wheel. These two have a lot of differences but these differences could work to their advantage since each individual possesses characteristics that the other doesn't, giving the relationship the balance. A Libra is also ruled by the planet Venus and Aries by Mars. Venus represents beauty and love whereas Mars represents passion of love so that alone can tell you how good this combination can get and how long their relationship can last if they can sort out their differences.

Libra - Taurus Compatibility:

Both Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus, the planet that represents love and beauty. That being said, the thing that will bring these two together is the love of beauty and the arts, and the appreciation of the luxuries in life. This is one relationship that might move slow because they only have a few things in common but can last a long time if they know which buttons to push. The biggest thing that these two need to work on is to work around the traits that their elements bring. A Libra is a Cardinal Air sign whereas Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign. The bull who likes things in order may find the Libra's fickle minded decisions too much. A Libra also likes to flirt and although they don't realize it, it could be just socializing for them but the Taurus (or any other sign for that matter) will see this as a form of infidelity.

Libra - Gemini Compatibility:

The Libra-Gemini union is an ideal one in general. The only real problem these two will encounter is that Gemini's, although social butterflies like Libra's, are more domesticated. Libra's value freedom so much they won't settle down right away. A Gemini also tends to be childish which, if done too much, will cause the Libra to look for the nearest exit. The good thing about this union is that they believe in working problems out. Mercury rules the sun sign Gemini and that represents communication. Love and communication can go a long way for these two. Both also love socializing and being both Air signs, they won't mind the quick change of interest. The Libra in this relationship is bound to be the leader seeing as he is a Cardinal sign and Gemini is mutable so they are flexible and will be happy to go along with what's planned.

Libra - Cancer Compatibility:

Basically, both these signs seek a secured relationship. They just have very different views on how to get to their goal. Where a Libra approaches things in an intellectual way, the Cancer does the same but with much emotion. A Libra can also be snobbish and this could bruise a Cancer's sensitive side. The good thing about this is that they can teach each other what they lack. If done properly, a Cancer can show the Libra how to be sensitive about other's feelings and the Libra can show a Cancer to be level headed and decide on things in a rational way. The thing that will make this relationship work out is both sign's thirst to make things work out. These signs are known to be accommodating and it' won't be a surprise if one or both of them would go to great lengths to satisfy each other's needs.

Libra - Leo Compatibility:

The root of success of this relationship is warmth and passion. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus (love, passion and beauty) and Leo by the sun which represents, warmth and energy. Leo can convert his energy into arguments, though. This will not please the harmony and peace-loving Libra. The sun being masculine tends to make Leo be the dominant one in the relationship.On the other hand, a Libra possesses the charm to soothe the Lion's flamboyant nature. Libra also has the ability to teach Leo a little finesse. In return, Leo can push Libra to finish the projects that was started and then left hanging (Libra's are notorious for leaving things unfinished when they get bored and lose interest). The pair have much in common but also has big differences that may rock the relationship but as long as they know how to work around those issues, this can be one of the most lasting relationships a Libra can have.

Libra - Virgo Compatibility:

Here's another Venus - Mercury pair. A Virgo is a communicator and an analyst. A Virgo likes to think things over before presenting his argument. These two will share good, intellectual conversations. They love balance and harmony in their relationship and almost everything else. Both also have high standards that is a way of attracting each other. The problem lies in Libra's flights of fancy. They can change their minds in an instant and Virgo will not appreciate that. In essence, a the fun-loving Libra is a what a Virgo wants and when he or she turns the charm on, the Virgo is hooked. After a while though, this charm will seem superficial for Virgo and he may get tired of the facade. Virgo also values loyalty and that is not one of the most valued qualities of a Libra. These social butterflies flirt more than a Virgo can handle.

Libra - Libra Compatibility:

If there's someone who can understand a Libra's whim it's a fellow Libra. The same personalities and characteristics will help them achieve a harmonious relationship which is what a Libra tries to work for. The only problem here is that it might be difficult to establish leadership in this partnership. Both of them change their minds at the drop of a hat and they are both notorious for starting projects and leaving it unfinished when they lose interest (which they easily do). Also, since both of them are very good with words, they might want to take things seriously when in an argument and talk things through instead of using their talent in diplomacy to worm their way around the issue. On the other hand, these two share a lot of things in common and are good at compromising and cooperation so there's still a huge possibility of a long term relationship.

Libra - Scorpio Compatibility:

Scorpios value commitment and a Libra's do too. The difference lies in exclusivity or loyalty. Although a Libra already committed, it doesn't mean he or she will not flirt around anymore. At times a Libra doesn't realize they are flirting so if this is the case then there will be trouble as a Scorpio is big on loyalty. Where a Libra wants companionship, fun and the feeling of being in love, Scorpios want the whole nine yards. You may say that a Scorpio is possessive. They do possess that quality. This will make Libra feel caged in. Libra's give high importance to freedom and feeling trapped in a relationship will make him look for the nearest exit. The thing that can make things work out is their love of taking risks and that makes for a very exciting relationship. At best these two can enjoy a fun relationship but Libra should be cautious about hurting Scorpio's ego.

Libra - Sagittarius Compatibility:

This is going to be a good relationship. Both Libra and Sagittarius give high importance to freedom and feeling trapped in a relationship makes them want to get off the nearest bus stop. That being said they will value their partner's independence and give space to each other. A Libra is a very accommodating partner and will be sensitive to a Sagittarius needs. A Sagittarius might not be as perceptive as Libra and at times may be crass but a Libra is fully capable of understanding that the way a Sagittarius has a way of understanding that talking to a bunch of people isn't necessarily flirting. The Archer can make up in a lot of other ways. These two are social butterflies and love to be in the middle of a crowd. They love intellectual conversations and traveling, among other things, and that will make for a fun, and even long term, relationship.

Libra - Capricorn Compatibility:

This isn't the best partnership there is. Although these two want the same things, they approach it in very different ways. Both signs place high quality in commitment but doesn't show it the same way. When a Capricorn commits, they expect the whole nine yards. This is because it's hard to make them commit. Not because they want to be free all the time, they are just very cautious individuals and doesn't like to rush things in fear of getting hurt. They will not take Libra's flirting because they are very loyal people and expect the same. A Libra can be accommodating though and try hard to break that hard shell but if he or she doesn't extend that patience then he will fail. These two both like luxury but a Capricorn would rather suspend this until they feel they are secure enough whereas a Libra prefer to get a lot of expensive things and lavish vacations right away.

Libra - Aquarius Compatibility:

Probably the best zodiac match for a Libra, the Aquarius share the love for beautiful things and adventure. Both are social butterflies who move in big circles of friends. They also appreciate the luxurious things in life and would work hard to get it. Unlike Capricorn though, none of these two will feel guilty spending too much because they have earned it. In romance, a Libra and an Aquarius are very physical people and won't mind showing affection in public. There is also mutual respect between these two. These two can be very good friends and that is great foundation in any partnership. Both are very accommodating and would go to great lengths to please each other. Needless to say, these two won't have second thoughts about compromising for a harmonious relationship. Whatever issues that come up can be easily fixed. Together, these two can achieve a great deal in different aspects of their relationship.

Libra - Pisces Compatibility:

These two are both very accommodating and sensitive to their partner's needs and although they have this to start with, their relationship may prove to be a difficult one. There is a lot of compromise to be done if you want this partnership to work out. However, if they learn to embrace their differences they is a chance the relationship will work out up to some point. A Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune which is commonly associated with illusions. A Libra is ruled by Venus which represents love. They are both feminine signs but a Libra tends to be more intellectual and the Pisces dreamy and philosophical. A Pisces is more extroverted and a Libra, an extrovert. Now, Pisces needs to understand that their partner needs his freedom and want to spend time with friends. This may cause conflict as the Pisces might get jealous of their partner's social life and circle of friends. On the other hand, Libra should accept a Pisces needs space to think things through on his own and can't go out and meet people at all times.

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Libra and Relationships and Compatibility

Libra and Relationships

Even though Libras are known to appreciate beauty, physical attraction is not the only thing they require when it comes to romantic relationships. Libra males and females look for someone they can connect with on a mental or intellectual level and can see the world in a similar way that they do. This is why Libras are naturally drawn to the creative types- they appreciate art, culture and beauty, and it's important that their partners are able to do the same. And while they are outgoing and sociable individuals, they feel most comfortable with people who act and think like they do.

If you are taking a Libra female out on a date, it's highly recommended that you take her someplace peaceful, a place where you both can have a good conversation and get to know each other. It's going to take more than just a pretty face for you to score a second date with a female Libra. Remember, Libras are art and culture lovers, so it will work well to your advantage if you also show that you have a good head on your shoulders and can appreciate works of art. Once you have her hooked, you can expect your Libra woman to be giving and loyal because they value relationships and don't like being alone. If you're in a relationship with a female Libra, you should also learn to keep your jealousy at bay because Libras are naturally outgoing and friendly.

As for Libra males, they are just about the most devoted lovers you will ever find. It's important for Libra males to make sure their partners are satisfied and well taken care of. Libras are also all about harmony and justice, so you can expect your Libra man to treat you with the love and respect you deserve. However, one downside to having a Libra man as a lover is that they tend to be indecisive and they hate being rushed. This is mostly due to the fact that they want the relationship to be fair and equal, so they tend to have a hard time when faced with situations where they have to make the decisions. When he tells you that something doesn't feel right, it's best not to push him and just let him take his time to decide what he wants to do.

Signs Libras Are Most Compatible With

Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini are the signs that are believed to be most compatible with Libra in terms of love and romantic relationships. Relationships between a Leo and a Libra work because the decisiveness of Leos complements the indecisive quality that many Libra individuals tend to have. Leos and Libras are both known to be outgoing and friendly, and this is why they are often the most-liked couple in the group. However, a Leo and Libra union can also go south if the Leo is unable to control his or her jealousy either of the attention that their Libra partner is getting, or the time that the latter spends on friends and family. Leos tend to be brimming with energy, and the harmony and balance-seeking qualities of a Libra is another factor that make relationships between Leos and Libras work.

People under the Sagittarius sign would also make great partners for Libra individuals. Sagittarians are known to be great listeners, a quality that Librans (especially females) look for and value in a partner. Many Sagittarius-Libra unions also work because they somehow have a similar perspective on life; the pleasure-seeker in Librans goes well with the Sagittarians' happy-go-lucky attitude, and together they see fun and beauty even in the littlest of things. Most of these Libra-Sagittarius relationships start with friendship, even though both parties will admit that there is a strong physical attraction from the get-go.

Of all the signs, however, Libra individuals will find that a romantic relationship with a Gemini is what works best for them. Not only are Libras and Geminis intellectually well-matched, they are both blessed with charming, outgoing, and sociable personalities. Geminis have a way with words that Libras like, because as mentioned, it's important for Libras to connect with their partners on a deeper intellectual level. A Gemini also tends to be highly adaptive to just about any environment, and this comes in handy because Libras have a lot of friends and their partners should be able to deal with these social relationships. Many people describe a Gemini-Libra union as near-perfect because the physical attraction is there, as well as the intellectual compatibility and both signs' desire to mingle and socialize with the people around them. The only downside that a Gemini-Libra partnership could have is the indecisiveness that both signs are known to have. However, if the Libra is successful in achieving balance in the decision-making parts of the relationship, a Gemini-Libra union is one that shows mutual attraction and compatibility at its finest.

On the other hand, the signs that Libras should avoid within the context of romantic relationships are Cancer and Capricorn. Libras will initially be attracted to the highly organized nature of the Capricorn mate, but this will soon wear off as they go deeper into the relationship and the Libra individual will feel that he or she is being tied down. The Capricorn's tendency to be organized becomes problematic especially in terms of career, because people born under the Capricorn sign tend to prioritize work above all else. Capricorns strive for stability and security, and this is something that will often go against the Libra mate's passion for art, culture, and creativity. In other words, a Capricorn individual will have no problems working a nine-to-five job for years and decades on end, while the Libra mate will prefer artsy and creative partners and careers. If asked to choose between creativity and security, the Libra will go for the former while Capricorn will choose the latter.

However, as with most other things, there is always a compromise to be found to make relationships between a Libra and any other sign work. If Libra individuals are successful in maintaining balance and harmony in all aspect of their lives, they will be able to make their romantic relationships work regardless of their mate's astrological sign.

Attracting a Libra

Attracting a Libra

If the man or woman you're interested in is a Libra, one of the main things you should keep in mind is that Librans are fun-loving art and music lovers who value companionship. If you're looking for a no-frills, no strings attached arrangement, you won't get it from a Libra individual. For most, if not all, Librans, sex and physical intimacy is just one aspect of a romantic relationship and is not as important as being able to connect with their partner on an emotional and intellectual level. The desire for this deep connection is common among Librans because they value their relationships and don't like being alone. Unfortunately, this incapability to be alone is one of the reasons why a lot of Libra individuals tend to jump from one relationship to another- anything to prevent being single and alone.

How to Attract a Libra

One of the biggest no-no's if you intend to pursue a Libran is to be disorganized and unruly. Libra individuals are all about maintaining balance and harmony, and naturally, they would get along well with someone who values the same things. If you have your sights set on a Libra female, you will score points with her if you take her out someplace where the environment is harmonious and you can both enjoy a good conversation. Like any other female, the Libra female wiill also appreciate it if you show interest in what she's saying. Try to listen more, instead of spending time talking about yourself in an attempt to win her over. Libra females look for someone they can connect with intellectually, more than physically, so don't try to rush her into anything physical. You first have to show her that you can carry on a good and decent conversation before you can even score a second date. Being a lover of art and beauty, she will appreciate it if you take her to plays, galleries, and art shows.

Like the Libra female, the male Libra is also a lover of beauty. If you're looking to attract a Libra male, you should look nice and presentable, as the male Libra looks for and appreciates beauty everywhere. This does not mean that the Libra male is shallow, it only means that he likes being surrounded with beauty and that's why looks are very important to the Libra male. The Libra male is also very sociable, and would appreciate a partner who is outgoing as well. Jealousy should take a backseat if you want to be in a relationship with a Libra male, because he is very friendly and sociable with everyone he meets.

Both male and female Librans tend to be attracted to the 'creative' types, such as people who can see and create art, music, and beauty even from the most mundane of things. They do not respond well to crude, touchy-feely turn-ons; instead, try winning them over with your words and how you project yourself.

Where to Meet a Libra

A good quality about Libra individuals is that it is easy for them to adapt to just about any situation or setting, so it is also relatively easy to meet Librans. Libra individuals can be seen in cozy cafes and bookstores, where they go to have some peace and quiet and probably take a break from their hectic social schedules. You will also find Librans in bars, where these fun-loving individuals are talking and catching up with friends or shaking things up on the dancefloor. Librans are very sociable and have no trouble at all being in group settings. They are either the leader or the mediator of the group, because of their ability to see things from different angles and maintain peace and harmony.

It is also not uncommon to find Libras in places where the setting is quiet and serene. Libra individuals appreciate art, culture and beauty. You may find Librans strolling in the park and taking in the natural beauty around them, or in museums and art galleries, appreciating various works of art.

Sexual Chemistry with Libra Individuals

Libra males and females feel a strong need to connect with people, which is why they highly value partnerships and relationships with the people around them. When it comes to romantic and sexual relationships, it is important for Libra individuals to make sure that they satisfy and stimulate their partners both sexually and intellectually. Librans view sex as only one aspect of the deep connection you have with someone in a romantic relationship, so emotional and intellectual compatibility and connection is just as important to them as sexual compatibility.

While it's true that Librans like to initially connect with their partners on a mental or intellectual level, they also recognize the importance of being able to connect with their loved one physically and sexually. Libra individuals are outgoing and helpful by nature, and these are qualities that translate even to their behavior in the bedroom. They can be very giving partners, and would love nothing more than to see and make sure that they keep their partners satisfied in the bedroom. They have their 'experimental' moods where they will be up for trying different things, and even be the ones to initiate intimate contact. Don't take these qualities for granted, though, because Libra individuals also expect to be wooed and courted every once in a while before they can engage in intimate acts.

Aries is said to be the opposite sign of Libra, and following the 'opposites attract'rule, this is probably the reason why a lot of Librans are easily attracted to people under their opposite sign. In terms of passion and sexual chemistry, Libra individuals connect well with Aries. However, this does not mean that they are compatible. Both Aries and Libra individuals can be quite impulsive, which also another probable explanation for the attraction between the two signs. The spark and fiery attraction is there, and there are always fireworks in the bedroom, but these relationships between a Libra and Aries are not made for the long haul.

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Seduce a Libra

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libra natives tend to put love on top of their priority list. These are people who would fall in love for the sake of falling in love and are on the constant look out for a partner that will fulfill their most passionate fantasies. They are known to be huge flirts although most of the times they do not realize they do so. For them, it's merely socializing and interacting with others. Those born under this sign prefer the company of people who can surround them with love and beauty. And even though they like to be the center of attention (and that trait can be annoying most of the times) Librans are highly likable because they go out of their way to please people too. People born under this sign may seem snobbish to some because of the high standard they set on almost every aspect of life but if you're aiming to seduce one there's no need to be scared. Librans are accommodating people and won't turn up their nose on you at first sight.There are a few simple things you can do to first get their attention, seduce them and then go for the kill. This is not a step-by-step guide on seduction. You don't need that to get on the good side of a Libra.The key is to know the person you're trying to woo so here are a few things you need to remember about these fun loving people:

1) People born under the sun sign Libra are known to be lovers of beauty so start with yourself. Be presentable and attractive. It's very rare for a Libra man or woman to go out with a person that they don't consider physically attractive. Now, you can't attract a Libra (or anyone for that matter) if you show up at a party looking like a homeless person. Yea boho is "in" right now but keep it on a reasonable scale. For women, don't dress sexy but not slutty. Librans, whether men or women, appreciate the classy look than trashy ones. Don't overdress either. Accessories will help but it's not a necessity. It may seem like a very shallow thing but designer clothes and knick knacks can also get their attention. Be true to yourself though. Don't buy expensive things if you can't afford it. No one wants a poser and the only thing you can achieve with this is disgust and an empty wallet.

2) Librans love a good conversation so smarten up! They're generally good looking but that's not all they are. They have brains too. They can talk about cute bunnies but switch to politics and the economy in an instant. These are highly intellectual people and you won't be able to keep pace if you don't know the right things to say. Don't pick a topic unless you know much about it. A word to the wise, they can be sensitive to words so choose what you say very carefully. Take time to learn the right way on how to converse with a Libra. Start with light things first and work your way from there. You might want to throw in a few flattering words too because they love getting people's attention. That being said try to bring up topics that revolve around them most particularly those that will compliment their personalities etc.

3) It's best to keep in mind, if you're trying to seduce a Libra, that showering them with expensive presents is a good way for you to go. It might not sound so subtle but it's one of the sure fire ways to get to your goal. Or at least it's a start. A romantic dinner in a classy restaurant is a very good idea and since you're there already try to go the whole nine yards. Champagne or expensive wine won't hurt. If you want to go all the way you can invite them to go on vacation with you. It doesn't have to be a European cruise but a nice island with a good hotel where you can dine by the shore while watching the sunset kills two birds with one stone. The romantic dinner on sunset will lift them to cloud nine and will have them raving for days. The vacation itself, on the other hand, fulfills his or her love for beauty and expensive things. This is not to say they are materialistic people that only care about worldly things. It can often be interpreted that way but these people can be very sweet and will make everything you've given them worth it in their own ways.

4) If you're the life of the party be sure you're ready to share the limelight. Librans' like being the center of an adoring crowd and although they don't mind sharing the attention you might want to make sure they get a lot of it. Try to divert discussions to topics that revolve around them. In line with this, try to show people that your full attention is on him or her. Librans are very showy and even touchy they don't mind public display of affection. A hand on the waist or a stolen kiss when you're with a group is sweet enough but putting your hands in his or her jeans pocket can make people around you envious of you as a pair and an envious audience will boost a Libra's confidence.

5) They love to flirt so flirt with them and show it to the world. Touch or tap them lightly on their arm or even their knees and thighs if they're near enough. Again, public display of affection is ok and sometimes it's more than ok. Read their body language and be ready to give them a kiss at the right time or just when the opportunity comes. They will love the playfulness of this move. Make them feel like you want to kiss them at all times and you're having a hard time stopping yourself from doing so. There's something about that feeling that can make a person wanted and loved and that will make wonders!

6) They are social butterflies so be ready to socialize with them. Don't stop them from going out to party. Enjoy the party with them. Librans love being in crowds and get bored easy so it would be sweet for them if you can arrange a get together with his or her friends. Call them up and set a group date. It doesn't even have to be a real party all the time. Try different variations and see how the Libra likes each. Maybe a dinner at some casual restaurant or some place with a lot of people and even more wine. The experiment will help you know which one they like best so you'll be ready to prepare for future gatherings you might have to organize for or with your Libra partner.

7)Try to make them feel that you're not expecting more than what they want to give back. These people value their freedom more than anything else. Making them feel like they need to give you something in return for what you're doing for them or what you're giving them will make them back off. This will also make you look like you're only doing things to get in their good side. If you're going to do something for a Libra (or for anyone, really), make sure you're doing it with in good health and not a heavy heart. You'll find that doing good things for others happiness is rewarding in itself.

8) They can't stand the feeling of being alone so give them your company and make sure they know and feel you're just around when they need you. Let them know you can lend a shoulder to cry on. Be there to cheer them up on rainy days (literally and figuratively). Call them up for a walk in the park or on a lazy Sunday, show up on their doorstep with romantic DVD's you can watch and some popcorn. Or even a board game, really. Yes, Librans are born to socialize (so again, don't stop them; have fun with them!) but they also enjoy a lazy yet romantic cuddle on the couch while watching a movie or two. It's a very simple gesture but it does wonders for the Venus ruled sun sign.

9) Put your charms and class on and get ready to meet the parents! Well, not really but be ready to meet his or her friends first and charm your way into getting their approval. A Libra values the opinion of their loved ones and if you pass their expectations be sure to earn a million points and get on the good side of the Libra right away. Knowing you can handle a Libra's friends also means you don't mind hanging out with them from time to time and that is very important for him or her.

10) In getting a Libra to bed, remember that they are romantic beings so do try to make it to the bed! The washroom at a club, the back of your car or at the cinema is adventurous (and Libra's will try anything once) but that can come after you're both comfortable with each other. Since you're trying to seduce them, go all the way. Some wine, candles, bubble or rose water bath, massages and every other sensual things you can think of. You'll find it very rewarding as Librans will know how to return the favor ;)

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Forming a relationship with a libra

Venus is the ruling planet for those individuals who were born between September 22nd and October 22nd. Venus is associated with emotional behavior, partnership and relationships, art and culture, beauty, morality, charm and possessions. Those who were born under the sign of Libra place value on balance, justice and passion. They enjoy any kind of art form and seek balance throughout their daily lives. Libras are peace-loving individuals who enjoy participating in quiet and peaceful activities. This doesnt mean they only participate in peaceful activities; in fact, they like parties as well as the next person and are more than willing to shake things up when the mood hits them. Whether its a large party or a small setting, Libras place high value on their social relationships.

Unlike some of the other signs, Libras are actually very sociable and much prefer being with family and friends instead of being alone. Certainly there are times they enjoy being by themselves, but for the most part they prefer the company of others. If you are looking for something to invite to a party or other gathering and need someone who will liven things up, Libra is the person you want to include. This sign is certainly not a wallflower by any means and enjoys forming and nurturing both new and old relationships whether of a personal or business nature. If you are planning an event and need someone to help out, you can certainly depend on your Libra friend to give you the benefit of both time and expertise.

Dont expect Libra to enter into any kind of confrontation between you and anyone else, especially those that are close to the Libra. For instance, if you share mutual friends, they will not take sides in the argument but rather will play the role of a mediator and problem-solver. This is the result of their natural need to achieve both balance and harmony, so if you are looking for someone who is able to see both sides of an argument without taking sides, your Libra friend is just the one you want to call upon.

You will find your time with a Libra very enjoyable indeed since they love the idea of being with people they are close to. They will plan parties when they feel like spending more time with family and close friends. Because of their fun-loving and sociable nature, you will never be at a loss for something to do with a Libra. That doesnt mean you will never meet a Libra who is on the quiet side, but for the most part they enjoy interacting with other people rather than being alone. You may also find they sometimes have a difficult time making decisions and are often late to parties and other gatherings because they tend to overbook themselves with social events. In spite of being late once they arrive they are ready to go and can jump right in without giving it a second thought.

Even in business you will find the Libra is interested in harmony and justice. They always want everything to go smoothly in their daily lives. Being married to a Libra can be a rather interesting situation, especially since they have the uncanny knack for seeing both sides of a story, something that not everyone is able to do. In general most people are one-sided, and they see the side of a story they want to see -not so with Libras. Even in situations where they would like to believe one side or the other they will still listen to both sides of the story because they are very diplomatic in that respect. Their power of persuasion also makes them good lawyers and politicians.

If youre looking for someone who will appreciate anything of art, beauty and culture, you will certainly find these qualities in a Libra. If you enjoy the performing arts, you will definitely enjoy spending time with a Libra because they enjoy many different art forms including musical and stage performances. Many Libras become involved in various musical fields, and if you are fortunate enough to meet one of them, you will be amazed at the amount of talent that exists in just one person.

Dont think your relationship with a Libra will be all party going and loud boisterous activities. In spite of their fun loving nature, they actually detest being in places that are extremely noisy. That doesnt necessarily mean you will never get them to attend a concert or go to a club where there is a band playing, but they will certainly not want to attend parties and places that are just plain loud. They prefer settings where they are free to talk to their friends and other loved ones without having to scream to be heard.

Among the astrological signs, Libra is probably one of the easiest to get to know because of their outgoing personalities and desire to be around people. If you get into a relationship with a Libra you can expect plenty of affection. Libras are very romantic and are not afraid to show their feelings in public or private. Your Libra lover will also be very playful and spontaneous, so you will not have an opportunity to be bored. While they enjoy outdoor activities, they also enjoy indoor activities as well even the occasional snuggle on the couch on a snowy or rainy day.

On the negative side you can expect a Libra to show some conceit, even to the point of being shallow at times. Of course, this is not uncommon among those who are ruled by Venus, so it is something most people tend to expect. Your Libra mate will also want to be the center of attention and will do everything possible to be just that. However, in spite of the negative aspects of the Libra personality, you will discover that in general they area very fun-loving individuals who do not like conflict around them and will be the first ones to step in to put a stop to an argument, especially among those they love.

Best Match for a Libra Female

Best Matches for a Libra Female

Libras are known to appreciate art, culture and beauty. They are also very intellectual and would respond to mental and verbal turn-ons more than the physical. If you're a Libra female, you probably have noticed how you think having a smart and opinionated partner is more important than having a handsome man by your side. This is not to say that Libra females think physical appearance is irrelevant to selecting a partner; they do, after all, appreciate beauty in its many forms. It only means that for a female Libra, being a good conversationalist is just as important a quality as having a beautiful face.

The Libra female is also easily attracted to males who are artsy and creative, and can take charge in making decisions. Libras tend to be indecisive, so a Libra female will work well with someone who can help her make decisions or do the decision-making for her. Libra females also seek harmony and balance in all aspects of their lives. Much as they hate being alone, these Libras will not think twice to leave if the relationship has become too tumultuous. A good match for a Libra female would be someone who is loyal, has a creative streak (whether in visual, performing, or written arts), and will make her feel apreciated and beautiful.

Libra Woman and Aquarius Man

Aquarius is a good match for a Libra woman because they are both into art, culture, travel and philosophy, and most especially, music. Both the Libra and Aquarius like having deep conversations, and this satisfies the Libra female's need for someone to talk to and listen to her. As mentioned, Libras are inclined to seek and establish balance, harmony, fairness and justice in the way they live their lives. She and her Aquarius mate may have differing views on what is fair, and this could lead to heated arguments, but they will always be able to find a compromise and re-establish balance and harmony in the relationship. As for sexual compatibility, the union between a Libra woman and an Aquarius man is best described as peaceful. The energies and passion that they both have makes their lovemaking almost an art in itself, because they connect so well not just physically but also on a mental and spiritual level.

The Aquarius male appreciates the beauty of a Libran, while the latter will appreciate him more for his smarts and wit. There will be a lot of times when the Aquarius male's logic and imagination will go against what the Libran female believes, but for the Aquarius man, these heated arguments only go to show that they are both intellectually capable of philosophizing and making sense of things with their own perspective on life. In a nutshell, the romantic relationship between a Libra female and Aquarius man may start off rocky, but their conflicts aren't anything that cannot be solved with simple compromises. They have a shared view of life, and a natural chemistry that can only strengthen over time .

Libra Woman and Gemini Man�

Gemini is one of the best matches for both male or female Libras. Gemini men are often described as wanderers, indulging in their love for travelling and learning about different parts and cultures of the world. This works well for the Libra woman because she herself is highly appreciative of culture, beauty and art in its various forms. A relationship between a female Libra and Gemini Man will be all about enjoying the company of friends and family, travelling, and music. Both signs are also believers of romance. They enjoy what many now consider the traditional romantic gestures such as giving flowers, candlelight dinners, courting, etc. It's a union wherein both parties are privy to romantic niceties and aren't afraid to shower their partner with love.

Privacy and individual freedom is important for the Gemini man, and this is something that the Libra female will have no trouble respecting because she too has quite a busy social calendar. The Gemini man will also find it easy to get the Libra female to go with him to his travels, because Libras are fun-loving and would be willing to go to great lengths just to make sure that their partner is satisfied sexually, emotionally, and intellectually. But even though the Gemini man values freedom and would hate being tied down, his resolve can be easily melted by the charms of a Libra woman.

Romantic relationships between a female Libra and male Gemini are often described as more romantic than sexual. And even though there are no sparks flying and no fiery passion to speak of, they are still sexually compatible and their lovemaking is always peaceful, delicate, and romantic. There will be times when the Libra woman would want to try less conventional, and even vulgar, moves and techniques that the Gemini man won't approve of, but the male's desire for variety will allow them to reach a compromise. Aside from sex, the Libra woman and Gemini man may also encounter slight problems when it comes to their differing views on money and finances.

They have a similar view of handling money in that they both are not into keeping their money locked away for years and years. They differ, however, in how they spend it and what they spend it on. The fun-loving Gemini man will prefer to spend his money on travels, music, and experiences, whereas the Libra female would use the money to sustain her lifestyle and spend on material things. A romantic relationship between a Libra woman and Gemini man will last for years and years because they both believe in romance, love music and the arts, and respect each other's privacy and freedom. If you're a Libra woman and you're looking for fireworks and passion and sparks in your romantic relationships, perhaps a Gemini man is not for you. But if you're into long-lasting romance and want to be with someone who appreciates freedom, music, and harmony as you do, a Gemini man is the ideal partner for you.

Best Match for a Libra Male

Libra Man and Aquarius Woman

An Aquarius woman is eccentric and has varied interests and talents that a Libra would like to explore. Her ambitions and dreams are plenty and they are not the normal things a female would want. A Libra man is not new to risks and trying out uncommon things so the Aquarius' ideas won't be too off for him as it would seem to other guys. At times she can be very hard to comprehend but the Libra man will be fascinated and won't get tired of putting the pieces together. A Libra man needs someone to keep him interested and on his feet because getting bored means his eyes may start to wander and look for other options. In addition, the Aquarius woman has very strong opinions about things she believes in and so does the Libra but one thing you will admire most about her is that she can keep a level head in the middle of an argument so she may try to bring down your own opinions but still think you are entitled to believe whatever it is that you believe and would even admire you for standing up to it even if it means that everything about that opinion is opposed to hers. She is very sociable and loves to be a part of a big crowd partying or just hanging out and having a laugh. She will try to pull you off your butt and join her on these occasions so save up a lot of energy for socializing. In relationships (as with a lot of things), you may find it hard to understand an Aquarius. She is very friendly so you may have a problems trying to sort out if you're just one of the friends or much more. She's not the jealous type too so she won't mind if you have a lot of lady friends but expect her to have a lot of guy friends too. When she commits though, you will know she is yours but be prepared to show her you're also hers because she will do her best to be the be the sweetest partner a guy can ever ask for. Sexually, her brand of love making is very natural and delightful you will ask for more!

The best match for a Libra man is an Aquarius woman. These two have so much in common they should've been born under the same sign. A Libra man is a social butterfly and so is the Aquarian. Together they will enjoy tons of parties and some (or a lot) of these gatherings are gonna be hosted by them. They just love being around friends and people in general. They both have a wide list of interests and will have fun just going through it. They also love the finer things in life and the Libra man will spoil her with romantic dinners, weekend getaways and luxurious gifts that she will love. Romantically, both are very affectionate and not shy about it. Public display of affection is not an issue. There will be no lack of demonstrativeness of how they feel. The Libra man will love how Aquarius is spontaneous and natural about almost everything. These two can share a lifetime relationship full of love and comfort.

Libra Woman and Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman is a wanderer in more ways than one. She wants to explore things and move from one thing to another so in a way, she is hard to pin down which is a trait she shares with the Libra man. She is so much of a wanderer who wants to experience so many things she forgets her promises.On the positive side, they both value their freedom so there will be no unreasonable demands from each other. Geminis are social butterflies and will enjoy good times with the Libra man. The Gemini shares a Libra's love of people and huge gatherings. These two are bound to tear up the town. Like the Libra man, she is also an air sign so both are accustomed to change. A Gemini has a huge imagination to the point of being wild and a Libra who looks for adventure will love how her brain takes sudden turns. If there's one bad trait that they share it's having the difficulty to make a decision right away. They are both intellectual people though, and air signs are that way. They can spend hours and hours together just talking about anything under the sun. The Libra man and the Gemini woman can be the best of friends and explore each other's passions together. They are very open and will discuss issues instead of leaving it hanging. The Libra man being a Cardinal sign will take lead in this relationship and the Gemini, being mutable, will go along happily with the Libra's ideas.

This is another great partnership falling second (or tying up to the first place) to a Libra man - Aquarius woman pair. They are very popular and like hollywood love teams, their friends will push them to go into a relationship because they make such a cute couple but it won't be a relationship caused by peer pressure. Both are intellectual and independent enough to make decisions for themselves and will eventually end up together because they're bound to like metal to magnet. There is enough interest in each other to keep them going for a long time. A Libra man will fascinate the Gemini woman with his ideas, varied experiences and shower her with luxury (that he also enjoys) while a Gemini will keep him entertained with her lifestyle. Most arguments will come from the Gemini woman but a diplomatic Libra will always know how to handle this situation and pacify the Gemini woman. Sexual intimacy for these two is important but not necessary for them to share a happy relationship. It may seem weird for most people because they are very romantic in public but this isn't for show. They are the same when alone. It's just that they are more big on intellectual (and even spiritual) compatibility. They are soul mates and doesn't rely too much on physical intimacy to connect. If they can weave their way around their opposite traits, there is a big chance they go for a lifetime partnership.

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